Thank you!

2013-04-23 15:06:29 by ADASport

You guys we've reached the 300 followers mark! Might not sound like a big deal to you but that's team Sparta's favorite movie... uh, we mean number. Thanks guys! We love Newgrounds users because y'all don't just call us out when you think we suck, you tell us WHY we suck! That's the kind of quality fan we love! Keep the feedback coming guys and we'll keep making better videos!

Thank you!


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2013-04-23 15:17:33

You always did great stuff!! Wating for more. Haha!!


2013-04-23 16:24:41

I agree with rubinho146, i have always enjoyed everything you have put out & waiting for more!! XD


2013-04-23 17:04:06

like your animations keep up ;)


2013-04-23 17:46:27

"New Ground users"? wut


2013-04-23 23:25:51

What a self-actualized post... a rare thing here. You take the time to develop scripts, that are worthy of production. Once I saw beyond the polish and gleam of your work, I began to enjoy the content, then became a fan.


2013-04-25 00:12:49

The fact that not everything you make is parodying games or movies and is in some way original is amazing.
Also, was that slave owner Zynga guy in the Farmville Slaves thing on Super News? I loved Super News.

ADASport responds:

Yeah, we try to do more original stuff now. Not really sure if he was on Super News. Yeah, those guys are dope